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About The Author Candi T. Jeter Ed.S

Candi T. Jeter Ed.S uses the power of hypnosis to help successful women in midlife train their minds to master their emotions, without doubting themselves, so they can surpass their business and personal goals.

She is the author of books “7 Steps to Letting Go Even When It Seems Impossible” and “25 Thoughts about Your Destiny”

She is the creator of the program “Shifting from Force to Power”, which is an intense, yet practical program that helps women gain their power with the use of metaphysical tools, formulas and principles that shift them from forcing life and into commanding the life they deserve through their divine power. 

Her talking topics are: "How To Let Go, Even When It Feels Impossible!" and "3 Ways to Shift from Forcing Life to Empowering Your Life."

She is a licensed hypnotherapist (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Her Freedom In 21 Days program will break unwanted patterns blocking you from the life and love you deserve through the power of hypnosis. 

Her mission is to help millions of women "reconstruct the world by reconstructing their mind".

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